Index Cards are Tools, too!

Task Force : GroupReally, they are! As are white boards, pens, flip charts and all the other stuff we Agile "dogmatists" like to insist on using.

In fact, they are not just tools, but highly flexible, collaborative, simple-to-use tools. And that's not the only way they beat the "high-tech" software tools. Try to find a monitor that comes even close to the resolution of an index card. Or a company that can afford to decorate all their walls with white-board-sized computer displays.

So, please, pretty please, stop telling people that Agilists advice against the use of tools. Start telling the world that in fact we love tools, that we are in fact passionate about using the most effective tools for the job at hand. Which just more often than you might yet be aware of, means using an old fashioned low tech tool.

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  1. Ilja - I liked this one so much that I included it in this week's Agile Quick Links: http://www.notesfromatooluser.com/2009/11/quick-agile-links-week-3.html


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