Change is Easy!

changeIt's a truism that change is hard. Being an Agile evangelist, I experience it all the time. There is just so much resistance to new ideas, to trying new ways, that sometimes it feels like there won't ever be any significant change at all.
But the more I learn about being a change agent, the more I come the conclusion that this is an illusion. An illusion that I keep up to protect myself from the brutal truth: change is easy. People want change, they want to change, and change and implement change all the time - just not in the ways I would like them to.
Changing other people in ways that I deem appropriate, that's hard. Asking people how they want to change, and how I can help them change, that's easy. Why don't I do more of the latter?


  1. Ilja,

    You've found the secret of life! :) Congratulations!

    Diana Larsen

  2. I don't know much people that don't to earn a million dollar. (I do know a few ;-) )
    You can find millions of changes like that that most people like.
    Why don't you want more of the latter? Because that means for some people, they have to agree with the change of the other person. (Which is for me not true.)
    But helping someone change in a direction you don't agree with is harder for yourself than asking them to change in your direction


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